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CELPIP Coaching in Chandigarh

CELPIP Coaching in Chandigarh – CELPIP stands for “Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program”. IELTS Learning provides the best CELPIP Coaching in Chandigarh. IELTS Learning can help you achieve your dream of living and working in Canada by preparing you for the CELPIP test and for this you can join IELTS Learning for CELPIP Coaching in Chandigarh

CELPIP is an English language test pronounced by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for permanent resident status in the country. Along with, it facilitates those who are seeking for the work permit in Canada-Nursing / Manufacturing and Food processing.  The test is used to determine your eligibility for permanent residency or citizenship in Canada.

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CELPIP Coaching in Chandigarh

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IELTS Learning CELPIP Preparation Program is one of the first and most thorough in Canada. The CELPIP Coaching in Chandigarh at IELTS Learning gets prospective Canadians ready for either the complete CELPIP test or the CELPIP-LS (listening and speaking). We also provide IELTS Coaching in Chandigarh

The program breaks the CELPIP exam down into simple steps, starting with the very basics of the English language, and builds on them each day. For best results, we recommend that students take their official CELPIP exam immediately after completing the course.

What is the CELPIP Test?

The CELPIP Test is highly recognized in Canada and IRCC, the Real Estate Council of British Columbia and Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council accept it as a measure of ability with the English Language. It is a general English language proficiency test which consists of two sections:

  • CELPIP-General TEST: It is divided into four components:

Speaking (15–20 minutes)

Writing (53–60 minutes)

Reading (55–60 minutes)

Listening (47–55 minutes).

The total time duration for the CELPIP-General Test is 3 hours.

  • CELPIP-General LS Test: It consists of two components:

Listening (47–55 minutes)

Speaking (15–20 minutes).

The total time duration for the CELPIP-General LS Test is 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Both CELPIP-General and CELPIP-General LS Test are accepted for citizenship in Canada but CELPIP-General is best to get Permanent Resident in Canada. The result of the CELPIP test is announced online within eight days.

CELPIP Test Format

CELPIP General Test has four modules- Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. It takes 3 hours to complete the entire test in one go with no break.

Section Questions Format Time(Mins)
Listening 38 6(parts) 50
Reading 38 4(parts) 55
Writing 2 2(parts) 55
Speaking 8 8(parts) 20

Listening Section

  • There are 6 parts to this section.
  • For each part, an audio clip is played for 1 to 1.5 mins, only once.

Reading Section

  • There are four parts to this section.
  • You are allowed 10 minutes to read each passage and answer the question, in each part.
  • Once you leave your page, you cannot return to it.

Writing Section

  • There are two writing tasks each for 150-200 words.
  • The test will show your word count as you are typing your answer.
  • Task 1: 27 mins (Writing an email)
  • Task 2: 26 mins (Responding to Survey Questions)

Speaking Section

  • There are 8 tasks in this section.
  • Each task requires recording for 60-90 seconds.
  • There are 30 seconds of preparation time.
  • You are tested for your spoken English by recording your responses while speaking into a microphone.

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Preparing for the CELPIP Test

For individuals preparing to take the CELPIP Coaching in Chandigarh, IELTS Learning provides a variety of free and purchasable study materials. Free study materials for the CELPIP Test include:

  • Sample test:  offered for gratis once test takers register for a CELPIP account, this can be an entire observed take a look at, covering every element of the CELPIP takes a look at, together with elaborate answer keys for every section.
  • Practice test: Available for free when test takers register for a CELPIP account, this is a complete practice test, covering each component of the CELPIP Test, including detailed answer keys for each section.
  • Webinars and workshops: offered online, a free CELPIP info session ar hosted live hebdomadally, giving take a look at takers a summary of the CELPIP take a look at parts, additionally as an off-the-cuff question-and-answer session. additionally, to info sessions, free workshops ar control frequently to assist take a look attackers to inure the Speaking element of the CELPIP takes a look at. Recorded webinars and workshops are offered on the CELPIP YouTube page.

Tips to Prepare for CELPIP Exam

Here are 10 tips to help you successfully prepare for the CELPIP Test:

  • Practice using a computer. The CELPIP take a look at is absolutely pc delivered, to confirm that you just are snug with a mouse and keyboard. active with CELPIP’s free online sample take a look at and free on-line follow to take a look at smart ways that to familiarise yourself with this format.
  • Remember that CELPIP is a test of general English proficiency. CELPIP assesses your ability to use English in everyday things. it’s not a check of business English or tutorialEnglish. one in all the simplest ways in which to organize is simply to induce out and use English the maximum amount as attainable in your everyday life.
  • Use a wide range of vocabulary and grammatical structures. Try to show the variety of your vocabulary in your writing and speaking. Avoid victimization equivalent words over and once again. You don’t get to con the dictionary—just use words that might be natural in way of life. bear in mind to use varied grammatical structures and construct sentences that take issue long and quality.
  • Manage your time. The CELPIP take a look at is totally laptop delivered, and you may see a timer on every screen, telling you the way abundant time you’ve got left for that section. Keeping a watch on these timers will assist you to gauge the way to pace yourself throughout the take a look at.
  • Check your work. If you’ve got any time left over whereas finishing the reading, listening, or writing parts of the take a look at, certify to browse over your answers and certify that you just have tried to answer all queries further as you’ll. especially, attempt to pay many minutes reviewing your writing, guaranteeing that you just haven’t any typos that would impact the clarity of your response.
  • Speak clearly and at a natural pace. Speak clearly into the mike, that ought to be about to your lips however while not touching them. it’s natural to talk quickly once you are nervous—try to bog down and speak at a traditional pace.
  • Do not worry about your accent. Our raters area unit trained to disregard accents. Unless your accent prevents you from being understood, don’t specialize in it. Instead, consider exploitation smart synchronic linguistics, correct and varied vocabulary, and providing complete answers.
  • Take notes. While taking the CELPIP to take a look at, you may be supplied with writing paper and a pen. you will use these to require notes throughout any purpose within the take a look at, tho’ you will realize it particularly helpful to stipulate some concepts for your speaking or writing responses. it’s conjointly an honest plan to require notes regarding the most concepts and specific details throughout the listening take a look at.
  • Focus on what you know. You may come upon some troublesome words in an exceedingly reading or listening passage. don’t grind to a halt worrying regarding words you are doing not perceive. specialize in general that means and therefore the components of the passage that you simply do perceive. typically it’s attainable to know a brand new word supported your data of the words that are around it.
  • Use a variety of reading strategies. You do not ought to browse every single word in a very passage to with success answer queries on the reading test; instead, use reading methods, like skimming and scanning. These might assist you with a number of the easier queries, exploit longer to pay with the harder queries.

Address to join CELPIP Coaching in Chandigarh

  • Address: SCO 54, 3rd & Top Floor, Sector 34-A, Chandigarh, Chandigarh, 160022
  • Phone: 098788 73446

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