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Health and Illness Vocabulary Words


Health, Illness and Disease Vocabulary

Health and Illness Vocabulary Words

the feeling in your body when you have been hurt or when you are ill,sick

  • Suddenly she felt a sharp pain in her neck, shoulder, waist, arm, leg, stomach.
  • Take an aspirin to relieve the pain.

continuous pain; feel a continuous pain

  • I can’t sleep because my headaches too bad.
  • I have a terrible headache, backache, stomachache.

suffering from an illness or disease; not feeling well; sick

  • My elder sister is seriously ill in St John’s hospital.
  • The children started to feel ill an hour after the meal.

physically or mentally ill; wanting to vomit

  • I feel very sick, I don’t think I can work today.
  • Be careful with the cake, too much of it can make you sick.

painful (and often red) because of infection or because a muscle has been used too much

  • I have a sore throat, I mustn’t take that cold drink.
  • She says her stomach is still sore after the operation.
  • His feet were sore after the bicycle trip.

the state of being physically or mentally ill

  • Our secretary missed a lot of work through illness last month.
  • Flu can be a serious illness if you aren’t careful enough.

serious illness, often caused by infection

  • Peter’s uncle suffers from a rare blood disease.
  • A fatty diet increases the risk of heart disease.
  • The government is planning further health measures to prevent the spread of disease.

become healthy again; make something, somebody healthy again, make somebody feel happy again

  • As I see it will take a long time for your wounds to heal.
  • This ointment will help to heal your scratches.
  • The tea you made really healed me.

make somebody or something healthy again after an illness; make an illness go away

  • He was seriously ill for a long time, but the doctor cured him at last.
  • Scarlet fever is a serious illness, but it can be cured fairly fast.

medicine or medical treatment that cures an illness; the act of curing or the process of being cured

  • There is no known cure for this illness but the it can be treated.
  • I’m afraid you must be taken to hospital for the cure.

give medical care or attention to somebody or something; deal with something or somebody

  • I was treated for flu, but later I was diagnosed with pneumonia.
  • This illness is usually treated with antibiotics and a strict diet..

(the way or process of) curing an illness or injury or making somebody look and feel good; the way of dealing with something or somebody

  • Doctors apply various treatments for this illness.
  •  My sister goes to a wellness centre to receive beauty treatments.

define what an illness or the cause of a problem is

  • The blood test is used to diagnose all kinds of diseases.
  • She was diagnosed (as) (a) diabetic in her early childhood.

medical description of an illness or condition

  • The doctors didn’t share every detail of the diagnosis with the patient’s family.
  • We had to wait a lot for the exact diagnosis after the examination.

harm done to the body, for example in an accident

  • They were lucky to escape the fight without serious injuries.
  • There were only minor injuries in the crash.

harm somebody or yourself physically, especially in an accident, receive/suffer an injury

  • He injured his finger when he was cutting the meat.
  • Nobody was killed in the accident, but two people were seriously injured.

an injury to part of the body, especially one in which a hole is made in the skin

  • He died from the wounds that he had received in the crash.
  • He was taken to hospital although his wounds didn’t seem too serious.

a wound caused by something sharp

  • He had such a deep cut on his arm that he was taken to hospital.
  • The victim had several cuts on his chest, still he survived.

a blue, brown or purple mark on the skin after somebody has fallen

  • He was covered in bruises at the end of the football match.
  • The man came to the surgery with a huge bruise over his eye.

rub your skin with your nails, usually because it’s itching; a mark or a small cut or injury made by scratching

  • The cat continuously scratched itself behind the ear.
  • She had a long scratch on her arm when she came out of the rose garden.

illness caused by bacteria or a virus; the act or process of causing or getting a disease

  • Wash your hands carefully to decrease the risk of infection.
  • She almost died from blood infection.

a condition when a part of the body becomes red, sore and swollen because of infection or injury

  • My knee was twice the size of the other one due to the inflammation.
  • You had better not eat fatty food so soon after your stomach inflammation.

a change in your body or mind that shows that you are not healthy

  • You don’t necessarily need a doctor with symptoms like a headache or sore throat.
  • Depression can cause physical symptoms, too.

the measurement of how hot your body is

  • have a temperature – when your temperature is higher than normal due to illness
  • I feel so weak, I think I have a temperature.
  • She had such a high temperature that she was immediately taken to hospital.

a medical condition in which someone has a temperature that is higher than normal; a particular type of disease with high temperature

  • Did you take aspirin to reduce the fever?
  • Our daughter has been diagnosed with scarlet fever.

illness affecting the nose and/or throat, making you cough and/or sneeze

  • I think I caught a cold on the ice rink yesterday.
  • She can’t come to school, she’s in bed with a cold.

a very bad cold, an infectious disease with fever, pains and weakness

  • Please don’t visit us this week, the whole family has the flu.
  • If you’re not careful enough and you don’t take antibiotics, you may even die from the flu.

discharge stomach contents through the mouth

  • There must have been something wrong with the food as both children vomitedshortly after the meal.
  • I’m afraid I’m pregnant; I vomit after getting up every morning.

a substance that you drink or swallow so as to cure an illness

  • You look so pale. Haven’t you taken your medicine this morning?
  • The doctor prescribed three kinds of medicine for me.

medicine that kills bacteria and cures infections

  • My mum’s throat infection went away after she started the antibiotics.
  • Hot tea won’t be enough to cure your flu, I think you also need antibiotics.

pain killer
kind of medicine that takes away some or all of the discomfort of an illness or injury

  • I had such a horrible headache last night that I took two pain killers.
  • She says she doesn’t think it’s a good idea to take pain killers too often.

blood pressure
the rate at which blood flows through the body

  • Drink some coffee if you feel your blood pressure is too low.
  • High blood pressure increases the risk of having a heart attack.

the regular beat of blood as it is sent around the body

  • The doctor started the examination with taking my pulse and blood pressure.
  • He has such a weak pulse that it’s hard to feel.

a photograph of a somebody’s bones and organs

  • They took x-rays of my knee to make sure it wasn’t broken.
  • The doctor says that the x-ray has proved his suspicion of cancer, but I don’t believe him.

a place where a doctor or dentist sees patients; medical treatment of injuries or diseases involving cutting open somebody’s body

  • I wanted to see a doctor but the surgery was closed.
  • I hope they can cure me with medicine and I don’t need undergo surgery.

cutting open a part of somebody’s body in order to remove or cure a part

  • The operation was successful but the patient died.
  • The doctor says I can hardly escape an operation.

operate on somebody (for something)
cut open a part of somebody’s body in order to remove or cure a part

  • He soon recovered after he was operated on for appendicitis.
  • The doctor ordered to take my brother to hospital and they will operate on himtomorrow.

operating theatre
a room in a hospital used for medical operations

  • The patient died on the way to the operating theatre.
  • She felt nervous as she looked round the operating theatre.

chemist’s (shop)
a shop where medicine is sold

  • The doctor suggested to go to the chemist’s for the medicine straight from the surgery.
  • This syrup is also sold in the supermarket, so you don’t need to go to the chemist’s.

an official piece of paper filled out by a doctor with which you can get medicine from a chemist’s shop

  • Unfortunately, the doctor forgot to sign the prescription and so the chemist refused to give me the medicine. 
  • Keep this prescription even though you don’t need the medicine now; you may need it later. 

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