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IELTS Speaking Questions with Answers



1) Describe some interesting things happened during your travel. Can you describe it for me?
Ok. I met a classmate of Chongqing University .We talked about the things and persons which we remembered in school. I think that is an interesting thing.

2) What is your goal to travel and your reason to travel is
I enjoy travelling. It is so interesting to see how other people live, and it is really an amazing way to learn about different cultures.

3) Describe the advantage and disadvantage of travel for the country
Tourism is a useful source of foreign currency for the country, but sometimes some visitors destroy cultural heritage.

4) Why China can attract people to travel?
A 5000-year cultural heritage attracts more people to China.

5) Do Chinese people like to travel now?
Yes, of course. Since the opening-up, transportation is easy and convenient. Also, we have ample money for the journey.

6) Which festival do people travel in and where do people travel to?
We often go to resorts around National Day, such as Forbidden City, Summer Palace, and Temple of Heaven in Beijing.

7) Compare the difference about travelling among Chinese people between 100 years ago and now?
100 years ago, transportation was very difficult; few people could travel in China because most of people were very poor. But now, transportation is easy and convenient and we have ample money for the journey.


Describe a time when you gave some good news to a person you know.

You should say:

  • Who the person is
  • What the good news was
  • How you heard about the news

and describe what their reaction was to the news.


One occasion I remember vividly was when I told my parents about my exam results. I wanted to study medicine and the entrance requirements were very demanding so I spent a lot of time studying so I could get the best grades possible to secure a place at medical school.

It wasn’t easy because I find studying difficult, and I was terribly nervous when it came time to sit the final exams. But, after they were all completed I felt better, although at the back of my mind I still had some doubts as to whether I had done well enough to get the grades I needed for admission to medical school.

The day the results arrived in the mail, I was extremely nervous about opening the notification; my future career was in the balance, if the results were good enough I would go to university and study medicine and hopefully become a doctor eventually, but if they weren’t good enough I would have to rethink what I wanted to do next.

Anyway, I opened the notification and was stunned – I had actually done better than I thought and had gotten better grades than the minimum requirements for entry to medical school. I remember running upstairs to tell my parents, in fact they thought something was wrong as I was shouting to them as I ran upstairs to get their attention.

I can remember the exact words I said to them: “I did it” and they just looked at me, it took a second or so for it to register with them what I was talking about, and then they both looked at each other and started to smile; then they both hugged me and we all went downstairs.

The next couple of hours where so happy, it was such a relief to have achieved what I needed and I felt all the worry and doubt just disappear. I knew there would still be a lot of hard work ahead before I could graduate from medical school – but at least I had successfully achieved the first step.

And that was one occasion when I gave some good news to a person I know. It was one of the happiest days of my life so far – and my parents were extremely proud and happy, too.


  •  – Take a nap: take a short sleep, especially during the day. Example: I usually take a nap after lunch.
  • Nominate: to formally suggest that somebody should be chosen for an important role, prize, position, etc.
  • Example: He was nominated as the best actor.
  • – Scholarship Committee: the committee in charge of reviewing and selecting recipients for university’s scholarship.
  •  Example: The Scholarship Committee has announced the list of scholarship recipients this semester.
  • – Sink in: be fully understood or realized.
  • Example: I was so surprised by the news of the disaster that it took a few moments to sink in.
  •  – Jump: to make a sudden movement because of surprise, fear or excitement. 281 Example: Her heart jumped when she heard the news.
  • – Leap: to move or do something suddenly and quickly.
  • Example: She leapt out of bed.
  • – Scream out loud: to give a loud, high cry, because you are hurt, frightened, excited, etc. (in this situation: excited).
  • Example: I screamed out loud when I saw my old friend.
  •  – Admission: the act of accepting somebody into an institution, organization, etc.; the right to enter a place or to join an institution or organization.
  •  Example: She failed to gain admission to the university of her choice.
  • – Burden: a duty, responsibility, etc. that causes worry, difficulty or hard work. Example: His illness placed a heavy financial burden on his family.
  •  – Grant: a sum of money to be used for a particular purpose – in this case, given by the university to pay for my education during that semester.
  • Example: The University awarded me a grant, which enabled me to undertake a new piece of research.


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