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TOEFL Coaching in Chandigarh

Toefl coaching in chandigarh

TOEFL Coaching in ChandigarhIELTSLearning is known as Best TOEFL Institute in Chandigarh. We provide best TOEFL coaching in Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali. TOEFL score is required for most of the institutes for higher study in abroad. So we provide specialized coaching to get good score in your TOEFL for fast processing of your student visa. Our TOEFL Coaching is based on 100% practical training.


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TOEFL is a trademark of the Educational Testing Service (ETS), a private non-profit organization, which designs and administers the tests. ETS issues official score reports, sent independently to institutions, for two years following the test.

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TOEFL Coaching in Chandigarh | About TOEFL Exam

TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language. TOEFL is an important exam to study outside the country especially Europe and other countries. This course is basically required for those candidates who want to go the USA for study or work visa purposes.  But today almost every abroad university accepts TOEFL also. Especially there are many students from other countries where English is not a kind of native language.

TOEFL Certification Validity

  • TOEFL score is valid for two years.
  • Students can take TOEFL exam once in a month.
  • May be TOEFL course is not required for those students where English is a part of native language.

TOEFL Test Structure:

In previous years there were two formats of TOEFL examination. One is Computer Based Test (CBT) and second is Paper Based Test (PBT). Well PBT still exists in some parts of the world, CBT is totally replaced by an Internet Based Test (IBT) in 2006. The duration of the TOEFL IBT is 4 hours and it is divided into four sub categories.

  1. Reading

The Reading portion includes 4 to 6 passages. Each passage is approximately about 700 words with 12-14 questions per passage.

  1. Listening

The Listening section consists of questions on six passages, each 3–5 minutes in length. In this test there is a conversation between teacher and student that is provided by campus. In every conversation there is a five questions.

  1. Speaking

The Speaking section consists of six tasks: two independent and four integrated. In the two independent tasks, test-takers answer opinion questions on familiar topics. They check the ability of a student that how he/she speaks.

  1. Writing

The Writing section measures a test taker’s ability to write in an academic setting and consists of two tasks: one integrated and one independent. In the integrated task, test-takers read a passage on an academic topic and then speaker listen to a topic and then discuss on that topic.

ETS is responsible for setting questions, conducting the test and sending score reports to each examinee.

Scoring scale of TOEFL

  • TOEFL scoring is between 0 and 120 with 10-point increment.
  • Reading score reported on a 0-30 score scale.
  • Listening score reported on a 0-30 score scale.
  • Writing score reported on a 0-30 score scale.
  • Speaking score reported on a 0-30 score scale.

The test dates, registration and the nearest TOEFL center can be found from the ETS official website and the test is conducted around 50 times per year.

                                        Paper Based Test (PBT)

PBT test is available only in some selected locations .The duration of the test is 2 hours and 30 minutes and it is divided into four sections:

  1. Listening (30-40 minutes)
  2. Structure and Written expression (25 minutes)
  3. Reading Comprehension (55 minutes)
  4. Writing (30 minutes)

Paper-based Test

The TOEFL® paper-based Test (PBT) is available in limited areas. Scores are valid for two years after the test date, and test takers can have their scores sent to institutions or agencies during that time.

  1. Listening (30 – 40 minutes)
    The Listening section consists of 3 parts. The first one contains 30 questions about short conversations. The second part has 8 questions about longer conversations. The last part asks 12 questions about lectures or talks.
  2. Structure and Written Expression (25 minutes)
    The Structure and Written Expression section has 15 exercises of completing sentences correctly and 25 exercises of identifying errors.
  3. Reading Comprehension (55 minutes)
    The Reading Comprehension sections has 50 questions about reading passages.
  4. Writing (30 minutes)
    The TOEFL PBT administrations include a writing test called the Test of Written English (TWE). This is one essay question with 250–300 words in average.

Why choose IELTS Learning For TOEFL Coaching ?

As you know there are number TOEFL Coaching institute In Chandigarh. But we are different from then in term of following features.

  • We provide 100% practical training.
  • Unlimited doubt sessions on every Saturday.
  • We use skill-based approach to help students attain mastery in language.
  • Our faculty is experienced and specialized in preparing students for TOEFL.
  • We have made customized learning programs with latest material and technology.
  • To pay individual attention, we offer TOEFL coaching in small batches so that every student can be considered.
  • We have excellent success rate as compared to other TOEFL institutes in Chandigarh.
  • Our TOEFL coaching rates are comparatively low.
  • We also provide Study abroad consultancy to students once they pass TOEFL test

Test scores


  • The TOEFL iBT test is scored on a scale of 0 to 120 points.
  • Each of the four sections Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing) receives a scaled score from 0 to 30. The scaled scores from the four sections are added together to determine the total score.
  • Each speaking question is initially given a score of 0 to 4, and each writing question is initially given a score of 0 to 5. These scores are converted to scaled scores of 0 to 30.

Paper-based Test

  • The final PBT score ranges between 310 and 677 and is based on three subscores: Listening (31–68), Structure (31–68), and Reading (31–67). Unlike the CBT, the score of the Writing component (referred to as the Test of Written English, TWE) is not part of the final score; instead, it is reported separately on a scale of 0–6.
  • The score test takers receive on the Listening, Structure and Reading parts of the TOEFL test is not the percentage of correct answers. The score is converted to take into account the fact that some tests are more difficult than others. The converted scores correct these differences. Therefore, the converted score is a more accurate reflection of the ability than the raw score is.

Accepted TOEFL Scores

Most colleges use TOEFL scores as only one factor in their admission process, with a college or program within a college often setting a minimum TOEFL score required. The minimum TOEFL iBT scores range from 61 (Bowling Green State University) to 110 (University of Oxford).

ETS has released tables to convert between iBT, CBT and PBT scores.

TOEFL Junior Tests

ETS also offers the TOEFL Junior tests, a general assessment of middle school-level English-language proficiency. It is intended for students aged 11+.The tests are administered in two formats:TOEFL Junior Standard (on paper) and TOEFL Junior Comprehensive (via computer). The TOEFL Junior Standard test has three sections: Reading Comprehension, Listening Comprehension and Language Form and Meaning. The TOEFL Junior Comprehensive test has four: Reading Comprehension, Listening Comprehension, Speaking and Writing. TOEFL Junior scores are mapped to the CEFR and test takers are provided with a certificate of achievement.[18]

Linking TOEFL iBT Score Ranges to IELTS Scores

IELTS Score TOEFL Score IELTS Description
9 118-120 Expert User
8.5 115-117 Very Good User
8 110-114
7.5 102-109 Good User
7 94-101
6.5 79-93 Competent User
6 60-78
5.5 42-59 Modest User
5 35-41
4.5 32-34 Limited User
0-4 0-31 Extremely Limited/Intermittent/Non User

Fees and registration

Registration for the test can be done online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. One can also register by phone or mail. Online and telephonic registration closes seven days before the test date. If registering by mail, forms must be received at least four weeks before the test date. An original, valid passport is compulsory for both registration and taking the test.

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