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What is TOEFL?

TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language. This test is conducted to test the ability of any candidate who desire to pursue academics abroad. TOEFL is administered by ETS (Educational Testing Service). It is both an iBT (Internet Based Test) and PBT (Paper Based Test). The score for TOEFL is valid for two years. It is approximately four hour test and is scored out of 120 marks. ETS on its own send score of the candidate to the four chosen universities free of cost. But charges extra if the score has to be sent to the universities later. TOEFL is accepted by countries like USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore.

TOEFL Coaching center in Chandigarh

What are the sections in TOEFL?

The test has four sections:

  1. Speaking,
  2. Listening
  3. Reading
  4. Writing

1. Speaking :

This is a 20 minute session which has in total six tasks to attempt. Two out of these six tasks is independent and four are integrated. Candidate has to listen and answer the questions. One can take notes while listening and refer them while attempting the questions.


2. Listening :

It is of a 60 to 90 minute span and has about six to nine passages to attempt with six questions from each passage.


3. Reading :

Reading should be completed in 60 to 100 minutes and has three to five passages with up to 14 questions in each passage.


4. Writing :

Writing comprises of two tasks and have to be accomplished in 50 minutes.

Why Choose Us For TOEFL Course in Chandigarh?

We provides person to person class teaching. Attention to individual student is given. The best of study material is developed for students. Each day is planned and taught from the basic to help rise student rise to a level of scoring plus 100 score. In India, iBt exam is preferred and we train students for TOEFL exam on computers on one-on-one basis. To feel the difference join in for mock classes and understand how easy is the study made through our created modules that make TOEFL exam attempt simpler. These modules have made our students score good and achieve their goals. We are best because:

  • Visual classes with healthy classroom environment
  • Wifi Facilities for online test preparation
  • Professional teaching staff
  • Hostel Facilities for both Boys/Girls
  • 100 Student Satisfaction course

” Contact us right now and get ready to learn the way to crack TOEFl.”


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